Five Great Reasons to Do Business in New Zealand

Find out why running Clinical Trials in New Zealand is the smart way to run your next trial.


Why New Zealand?

Optimal is strategically positioned in the world’s most rapidly growing clinical region, Asia Pacific. On the global stage, New Zealand boasts one of the fastest, most straightforward regulatory and streamlined online ethics review system – reducing start up time.

This enables us to provide the utmost expertise and solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies and CROs who wish to facilitate high-quality and ethically sound studies – no IND required.

Learn how to successfully run clinical trials in New Zealand

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Alongside our diverse patient population, high standard of medical care and living – and stable political environment – New Zealand is renowned for its quality of workforce and high ethical standards.

Couple all this with an enthusiastic and reliable approach, and it’s not hard to see why optimal results are achieved.

The Top Five Reasons to Bring Your Business to New Zealand:

Fast lane:

We have a straightforward regulatory and ethics process, and a standardised contract agreement – reducing start up time. New Zealand has a multiregional ethics committee – encompassing multi sites – so only one ethics submission is required. Our regulatory authority averages 14 days – as compared to three months in the US.

Renowned quality:

Our reputation for a well-trained, enthusiastic and high-quality of workforce is globally recognised, with accessible experienced Principal investigators.

Seasonal focus:

We recognise the importance of enhancing recruitment in therapeutic areas as dictated by seasonal conditions. And, we continue recruitment when the other half holidays – when the Northern Hemisphere is vacationing, we work through.

Close call:

We are the closest time zone to the US West Coast, which enables us to share a large part of the working day with our clients in the US – affording greater communications and facilitation of study management.

Disease frequency:

New Zealand’s disease profile is akin to that of many US and European countries, including a high prevalence of diabetes, respiratory diseases – such as asthma – and cardiovascular diseases – such as hypertension and hyperlipidaemia.