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Celebrating the World’s First RSV Vaccine for Older Adults

Optimal Clinical Trials, a leading Phase 1b-3 research centre in the Asia-Pacific region, is proud to celebrate the recent milestone FDA approval of Arexvy, the world's first respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine for older adults.

This groundbreaking approval will enable adults aged 60 years and older to be protected from RSV disease for the first time, providing them with a better quality of life.


Our Atopic Dermatitis research specialists

Atopic dermatitis can be a severe chronic medical condition greatly affecting a sufferer’s quality of life including the ability to find work, relationships and their mental health.

Optimal became involved in the development of one of the first of these new medications, Dupilumab, a biologic drug that specifically targets the cause of atopic dermatitis.

Find out about our experts who are passionate and determined to get results, making it possible for us to help sufferers find relief.


Our key capabilities in atopic dermatitis research

Approximately 230 million people around the world have atopic dermatitis, an ‘itchy’ skin condition characterised by remission and relapse, that can cause patients to have low self-esteem and can be very restrictive socially.

At Optimal we are dedicated to research in this area, with extensive capabilities, proven results and access to a large pool of patients.


Change Never Happened Standing Still

Leveraging one of the world’s most terrifying pandemics into an opportunity to drive positive growth in an organisation – in fact an entire country – isn’t a task for the faint hearted. Especially when many of us simply aim to ‘get through’ tough times – not transform.


Rapid Start Up

Boston-based biotech company needed to achieve their first patient dosing in record time – just one month – they partnered with Optimal Clinical Trials who produced rapid results with quality data at the fore. Investor expectations and reaching definitive milestones were intrinsically linked to this study, which was centred on a novel investigational product for a neurological condition.


Five Great Reasons to Do Business in New Zealand

Optimal is strategically positioned in the world’s most rapidly growing clinical region, Asia Pacific. On the global stage, New Zealand boasts one of the fastest, most straightforward regulatory and streamlined online ethics review system – reducing start up time.


The Top Six Reasons to Bring Your Business to New Zealand – Now!

The world is experiencing unprecedented times – and it’s those holding a strategic advantage that can move forward faster. New Zealand is emerging from COVID-19 ahead of most other countries. It has virtually no1 COVID-19 and the economy is open. We are leaders in the most rapidly growing clinical trial region, Asia Pacific.