Our Recruitment Philosophy and Results

At Optimal Clinical Trials, we take recruitment for clinical trials seriously. Find out why we’re consistently #1 on global trials.



Our commitment to medical advancement, means we remain dedicated to being the top research site in Australasia. We cannot deliver on results and high-quality data without those who aid our journey; which is why we continually strive to recruit patients who wholeheartedly support and share our philosophy for change and betterment.

Our Approach

Alongside our expert team of investigators, doctors, nurses and coordinators, we rely on dedicated volunteers to facilitate our clinical trials, to ensure the delivery of high-quality data for study success and medical advancement.

“They have consistently been the fastest and highest recruiting site we have ever worked with.”

– US Biotech

It is no small sacrifice to lend your body to science, it takes courage and commitment to step outside comfort zones. Change happens because we choose to challenge the unknown and seek answers – as a team, aligning ourselves with volunteers who make this pathway possible is a privilege from beginning to end.


Study success isn’t a one-step process. In order to make a difference on a global level, you have to partner with those who are prepared to go the distance.

As a top research site, we place equal emphasis on enrolling, involving and retaining our participants – we wouldn’t be the fastest, most active, and most successful at what we do, without them.

To achieve, you have to excel across the board – here’s how we’re making a difference:

  • We don’t just enrol more participants than other sites, we retain 89% of our participants – compared with our competitors who retain less than 43%.


We retain 89% of our clinical participants

  • We’re twice as good as everyone else at keeping our participants involved in clinical research across the board – from screen to randomise, from randomise to completion, and screen to completion.
  • In ongoing studies, we significantly exceed recruitment goals – sometimes as high as 10x the target. Compare this to nearly half of all global clinical research centres who fail to meet ongoing enrolment goals – only 13% on average exceed set enrolment goals. It’s easy to see why we’re regarded as the leading research centre for global studies.


Twice as likely to keep clinical participants involved

  • We consistently deliver results on time or before time – while our competitors have 94% of their trials run over time.
  • We continually drive to exceed additional trial KPI’s – including retention – and we are prepared to deal with our competitors’ shortfalls – always and every time.