What CRO and Biopharma Partners say about working with Optimal


In It Together

We’re driven to deliver of high-quality data, with rapid enrolment, for greater study success and medical advancement. Discovery of greater solutions for people can only happen when you partner with passionate people – those who strive to innovate and create change.

This is why we work closely with local and global CROs and biopharma – including Pfizer, Novartis, Roche, Merck and a range of start-up biotechs – and support global programs with the FDA and EMA. Together we serve as a trusted hand to assist the journey of medicines to market.

“Optimal Clinical Trials exceeded recruitment targets and provided high-quality data in a very timely fashion. They were excellent to work with and we would definitely recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

– Global Pharmaceutical clinical project manager

“Optimal provided us with world class recruitment: 123% of the recruitment target in one third of the time allocated to the study.”

– Global CRO, director

“The team at Optimal Clinical Trials was instrumental in achieving our recruitment targets. Optimal came on as a rescue site and worked hard to enrol the most patients in New Zealand. They are a friendly, enthusiastic and committed team who respond quickly and go the extra mile to ensure outstanding patient recruitment and retention and quality data.”

– Australian CRO, senior CRA

How Our Customers & Patients Rate Us

Just like the pharmaceutical industry, we as a business continually aspire to improve and grow. Which is why we value the input from our customers – innovators, CROS, biotechs and pharmaceutical businesses and vendors – to ensure we deliver on results and expectations.

Customer NPS Score of 100

Customer NPS Score of 100

Our customer NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 100 positions us well above the industry norms for both Consulting businesses (NPS 68)* and Technology & Services (NPS 61)*

Patient NPS Score of 77

Patient NPS Score of 77

We are positioned well above the industry norms for Healthcare (NPS 38), and New Zealand NPS benchmarks for medical practitioners (NPS 37) and doctors (NPS 31).*