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People are at the heart of our existence – we strive for greater medical advancement to help people now and into the future. When you join Optimal as a volunteer, you become part of our research family. Our expert team of researchers, doctors, nurses will take care of you, and ensure the information collected is high quality.

Without those that give their time, energy and commitment to our medical pathway, nothing can be achieved. Change happens because people like you choose to be a part of our journey. We respect and appreciate your decision to contribute to the advancement of medicine.

Together alike, we contribute to the discovery of medicines that can help our generation and those to come – through giving and learning we achieve optimal results.

What are the benefits?

If you participate in a clinical trial you may gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available, and you may help others by contributing to medical research.

For most clinical trials you will be reimbursed for “out of pocket” expenses such as travel costs. If there is a big-time commitment, there may be a payment for this.

You will also receive regular care by local doctors and nurses and medical tests that do not cost you anything.

In addition, you will:

  • Learn more about your condition
  • Potentially gain access to new and potentially better medications at no cost
  • Receive free regular check-ups which may include physical examinations, blood tests, breathing tests, ECGs, etc.
  • Assist with improving the health of future generations
  • Receive advice on diet, exercise and managing your medications
  • Potentially enjoy improvement in the treatment of your condition
Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Optimal only conducts clinical trials with medications that have already been tested for safety elsewhere. There is always some risk involved when taking medicine or using a medical device – even the likes of Panadol has potential side effects.

Rest assured we monitor all our clinical trial participants closely to check that the new medication is well tolerated.

How much time is involved?

Most clinical trials involve visits our research clinic of one-to-two hours each time – sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Because every clinical trial is different, visits may be every week, every month, or even every three months.

Clinical trials run for varying durations. Typically, most will run for six-to-12 months, whilst others may run for several years.

When you express interest in participating in a trial, you will be given a study information sheet. This will explain what is involved and can better prepare you for any questions you may have regarding the trial.

Participation in any clinical trial is completely your choice from beginning to end. If at any stage you wish to withdraw from the trial, you can do so without it affecting your ongoing healthcare.

What do I have to do if I decide to participate?

What do I have to do if I decide to participate?

You will be given a study information sheet that explains what is involved and we encourage you to ask questions to help you understand the trial. Participation in any clinical trials is completely your choice and you may withdraw at any time without affecting your ongoing healthcare.

Will my medical information remain private?

Will my medical information remain private?

Yes! Your privacy is of the utmost importance. Your medical information will be kept strictly confidential. The data we collect gets de-identified and analysed but your personal information is closely guarded.

What Clinical Trial participants are saying about their experience

"Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to take part in this study. I found the whole experience to be very pleasant and professional. Everyone was very friendly and easy to get along with, which made the time pass very quickly. I would thoroughly recommend Dr Montgomery and his team to anyone considering doing studies with them."

- Emmie C

"Friendliest group of people. Barney, and team, you're the best. Explanations and answering questions fully. Great follow-up."

- Trevor M

“Awesome experience with Optimal Clinical Trials. I always felt welcome coming in for research and everyone treated me like a friend, rather than a ‘participant’.”

- Alycia C