Meet Sub Investigator, Dr Arna Letica


Introducing one of the newest members of our team, Dr Arna Letica. Our new recruit finished up as a GP of 13 years late last year and is now embracing the world of clinical research.

Even though she found being a general practitioner very rewarding she felt ready for a change and is now thriving in the challenges that research presents, working firstly on our RSV clinical trials.

She loves the variation of her work life at Optimal, enjoying the mix of meeting with participants for screening and follow-ups and learning more about them, to reading up on current and future trials. Arna especially loves working with her new close-knit team, saying “we have a great team full of approachable staff with clever brains to pick, and Optimal is really encouraging of a collaborative, proactive way of working.”

On a normal day you’ll find Arna working with participants or asking her teammates “pesky” questions - she is new after all!

And on her days off she’ll be out for coffee and a scone with friends and family or at home reading books, doing crosswords and spending time with her beloved cat.

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