Meet our Operations Manager Dr. Claudette Lionnet


Meet Claudette - if she isn’t outdoors, staying up late reading novels, or living in her most rewarding role as mum, she is working with us as our Operations Manager.

Hailing from South Africa, and with a background in Anaesthesia, Claudette brings to our team a passion for helping us improve at gathering better quality data. Her day job involves overseeing the team to help manage our trials, providing support and direction for the team and clinic to run smoothly.

Even though her main day job is operations she also gets to dip her toes in the research pool, using her medical expertise as a Research Physician on a number of clinical trials.

So what keeps Claudette coming into the clinic day after day?

“I think the most exciting part of my role now is in coaching our team into maturity and spending time with our wonderful volunteers. It would be in providing the best clinical trial experience for our customers and volunteers. Also in seeing the therapeutic benefits that our volunteers are having after having no further treatment options available to them.”